Hope for Stroke Foundation, a not-for-profit organization was founded in February 13, 2016 and registered in September 2016.

Hope for Stroke Foundation provides services to all stroke “victors”, their families and friends, recognizing that no two strokes are the same and no two families coping with stroke do so in the same way.

We aim to make a great impact on our community.

Our primary target market is of 4 categories:

People who have a history of stroke in their family line.
People who have just had a stroke.
People who have had stroke for some time.
People who are at high risk of having a stroke.
What we seek to do is offer support on these 4 levels. We aim to do it by creating a lot of awareness of stroke, how to prevent it, emergency treatments to adopt immediately it shows up, and then most importantly, we want to provide a recovery center for their recuperation.


Our Aims are and not limited to:

Increase awareness of stroke prevention
Commence community education .
Provide information, education and support to stroke victims and their families.
Collaborate with State Teaching Hospitals for treatment.
Subsidized in/ out patient Consultancy, Physiotherapy appointments

Our Objectives are:

1. Social media awareness via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. Quarterly zonal Campaign Eg: Gbagada Stroke Walk…Football Tournament 3. Biannual Neurology Workshops and Talks.

4. Visiting Companies and corporations Awareness campaign

5. Feature in TV and Radio programs

6. Seek sponsors and financial support

7. Raise funds for the stroke of hope center

8. Participate in world Stroke day

9. Create virtual office hotlines, emails and website


Do you know that stroke is the second leading cause of death for people above the age of 60 years, and the fifth leading cause in people aged 15 to 59 years old? Every year, 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide.
And according to The World Health Organization (WHO), every year, six million people die from stroke.
Unfortunately, one person out of six will have a stroke in their lifetime. And every six seconds, another person dies of stroke. In fact, stroke is more potent than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Unfortunately, individuals in resource-poor countries are more vulnerable to it.
Most people do not know the cause of stroke; its symptoms; if they are at risk or what to do during the first few minutes after a stroke attack to avert further complications.
Hope for Stroke International Foundation is here to dispel your fears and provide answers to your questions

Upcoming Campaign

2017 Stroke Awareness Walk

As you may be aware, the World Stroke Organization has since 2004 declared October 29 of every year as the International Day for Stroke. A day set aside to advocate and rekindle a hope for stroke patients across the entire globe..

*2017 Stroke Day theme: “Hope For Stroke”*
On World Stroke Day this year we will be focused on stroke prevention raising awareness of stroke risks and demonstrating the steps we can all take- as individuals, professionals or decision makers – to prevent stroke.

*Hope For Stroke International Foundation* has decided to be at the forefront of promoting this initiative of the United Nations in Nigeria. Commemorating this year’s International Day of Stroke. *Hope For Stroke International Foundation is excited to announce its annual *‘Walk4Stroke’ event* which is in its *Maiden Year.*
*A 1-Hour Walk from Yaba to Teslim Balogun Stadium, and 1-Hour Free BP Checkup*

*Enjoy networking, stroke talk interaction, aerobics, dance, face-painting, great music, refreshments, tickets to peace meal date, and other forms of entertainment.*

Join the event










The board of Trustees and Advisors portrays the massive vision and tasks ahead of us: