Hope for Stroke Foundation, a not-for-profit organization was founded in February 13, 2016 and registered in September 2016.

Hope for Stroke Foundation provides services to all stroke “victors”, their families and friends, recognizing that no two strokes are the same and no two families coping with stroke do so in the same way.

Our primary target market is of 4 categories:

  • People who have just had a stroke
  • People who have had stroke for some time
  • People who are at high risk of having a stroke

We shall be executing biannual Intervention and Awareness Projects.

  • Increase awareness of stroke prevention
  • Subsidized in/ out patient Consultancy, Physiotherapy appointments
  • Collaborate with State Teaching Hospitals for treatment
  • Commence community education
  • Provide information, education and support to stroke victims and their families

Our Objectives are:

1. Social media awareness via Facebook, Instagram and Twitter

2. Stroke Intervention Programs (SIP) and Stroke Awareness Program (SAP)

3. Feature in TV and Radio Health Talk Shows

4. Seek International and Local Grants

5. Raise funds for the Stroke of Hope center

6. Participate in World Stroke day


Do you know that stroke is the second leading cause of death for people above the age of 60 years, and the fifth leading cause in people aged 15 to 59 years old? Every year, 15 million people suffer a stroke worldwide.
And according to The World Health Organization (WHO), every year, six million people die from stroke.
Unfortunately, one person out of six will have a stroke in their lifetime. And every six seconds, another person dies of stroke. In fact, stroke is more potent than AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria combined. Unfortunately, individuals in resource-poor countries are more vulnerable to it.
Most people do not know the cause of stroke; its symptoms; if they are at risk or what to do during the first few minutes after a stroke attack to avert further complications.
Hope for Stroke International Foundation is here to dispel your fears and provide answers to your questions

Local Donations

donation card

For Donations and Sponsorship, email :
or Make a transfer to the details below:
Bank Name: Diamond Bank

Account Name: Hope for Stroke International Foundation

Account Number: 0087606255

Upcoming Campaign

2018 Stroke Intervention Project - SIP

SIP is a yearly Intervention Program for stroke victims.

To partner or Volunteer, kindly send an email to hopeforstroke@outlook.com

Watch this Space for more Details

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My Story

When I think of childhood, I think of two faces hovering over me as they tucked me in bed. I remember their musical laughter and the joy in their eyes. Ours was a beautiful home; and Daddy was the centre of our world. He worked hard to make us comfortable, and everything was just fine; until that sting that unsettled our lives. They say life is no fairy tale, but forgot to add that for some (pause) the pain/ might come/ a little earlier.
It was the darkest moment of my life. I was young and helpless. I stared in confusion as life dealt my family a fatal blow… The laughter was gone, and in its place was the after-taste of a sour dream. It is a story of loss, pain and trauma. This is the story of a childhood I never had.
The year was 1997. My father had gone missing, and for thirty agonizing days, we checked police stations and mortuaries, but he was nowhere in sight. Finally, news came as to his whereabouts but by the time we saw him, his condition was irreversible. He had suffered his first stroke attack, and for five days, he was left for dead at the Ikorodu Express Way. Found by an angel of mercy, he taken to a trado-religious center where his condition worsened for the next 25 days. It was in this half-dead state we found my father.
He depended on us for everything, and like a child, we bathed, fed and saw to all his needs. Nothing hurts a man’s ego more than having to depend on others for the barest essentials of life. Fifteen long years struggled on his lips (show a man having difficulty talking), and sometimes, all he could do by himself was cry. It was a heart wrenching sight. Tears came in a heavy down pour, and as we wiped his, ours flowed freely.
Life was gradually ebbing out of him; with no breadwinner, my mother worked extra hours to provide for the family. Money came in trickles. I started a phone call business; and with an uncle’s support, we were able to afford his medications and check-ups. But help had come too late. Fifteen years after, my father died, with his dreams and aspirations cut at the prime of his life. (Sighs) My blood curdles just remembering this. But time passed and pain turned to memory… I share this story today with pain in my heart; for words unsaid; dreams and goals left to rust.
But with the benefit of hindsight, I know there are things we could’ve done otherwise while we could. And I’ll have no rest until I contribute my bit to help people with this condition. Today, Hope for Stroke International Foundation stands in solidarity with stroke victims. To share in their burden, offer a shoulder to those in distress. Today, we dare to stretch a helping hand those in need of it.

Our Dynamic Team

The board of Trustees and Advisors portrays the massive vision and tasks ahead of us:








Annual Stroke Awareness Project

2017 SAP World Stroke Day - October 29

Every year, the Hope for Stroke International Foundation embarks on a stroke awareness project. this project execution targets October 29 yearly being the world stroke day.


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