A 400km Walk Against Stroke

At Hope for Stroke, we are all about giving back to humanity by raising public awareness for stroke prevention and management, as well as give a hand of support to stroke patients and survivors at the grassroot.

Here is a throwback of our last stroke awareness and prevention event with over 200 volunteers in attendance, covering a distance of 2 km by foot, from Yaba to Ojuelegba, a cumulative distance of 400km covereA 400 km walk against stroke led by Hope for Stroke International Foundation and over 200 volunteers d. Our medical team was stationed at Ojuelegba market, running free cardiovascular checkups, free blood pressure check ups and offering free medical consultations to over 50 market men and women.

It was indeed a thrill giving people – who probably never saw the need to keep close tabs on their health or just couldn’t offer it – a glimpse into the inner workings of their bodies. This is what we’re called to do at Hope for Stroke.

Do you also have a heart to help and would love to support this initiative as a volunteer or donor? Kindly send a mail to [email protected], and come on board.
A 400km walk led by Hope for Stroke Foundation and over 200 volunteers to raise awareness for stroke prevention and management.

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