Hope for Stroke Foundation, a not-for-profit organization was founded in February 13, 2016 and registered
in September 2016.
Hope for Stroke Foundation provides services to all stroke “victors”, their families and friends,
recognizing that no two strokes are the same and no two families coping with stroke do so in the same way.
We aim to make a great impact on our community.
Our primary target market is of 4 categories:
1. People who have a history of stroke in their family line
2. People who have just had a stroke
3. People who have had stroke for some time.
4. People who are at high risk of having a stroke
What we seek to do is offer support on these 4 levels. We aim to do it by creating a lot of awareness of stroke,
how to prevent it, emergency treatments to adopt immediately it shows up, and then most importantly, we
want to provide a recovery center for their recuperation.